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(Roybal or Carlsen) Pre-K Bonner

(Roybal or Carlsen) Pre-K Bonner



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Bonner Pre-K Supply List (Roybal or Carlsen)


4 packages baby wipes

2 containers Lysol wipes

4 bags/boxes of snacks (goldfish, fruit snacks)

2 bottles hand sanitizer

3 boxes of Ziploc baggies (1 gallon, 1 qt, 1 snack)

3 boxes tissue

1 pack of Expo dry erase markers

2 rolls of paper towels

6 glue sticks

1 pack of colored pencils

2 bottles of Elmers glue









  • Pre K

    Bonner Pre-K Supply List


    1 container cleaning wipes

    2 boxes facial tissue

    1 bottle Elmer's liquid glue or 1 pack glue sticks

    1 package #2 pencils

    1 pack Crayola crayons

    1 pack washable Crayola Markers or 1 pack colored pencils

    1 ream white copy paper

    1 clear 1" view binder

    1 plain wide-ruled composition book

    1 package fat or skinny dry-erase markers