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  • Can I purchase supply kits for other kids in need?
    That is most generous and the answer is YES! Teachers always appreciate SUPER PARENTS who step up and fill a need. If you simply increase the QUANTITY of supply kits when placing your order, Snapback will notify the school of your generosity and make sure the teachers receive your donated supply kits. If you have a specific teacher, other than your child's teacher, who should receive your donated supply kits, please include this information in the notes section in your shopping cart at check out. Thank you for thinking of others! Snapback Management.
  • How do you ensure my child will recieve the correct supplies?
    Snapback partners directly with schools and recieves the most current Supply List from each school's principal. If you would like Snapback to partner with your school please send us an email so we can make contact and add your school to our list of partners.
  • Where do you buy your supplies?
    Snapback has several supply sources. We strive to pass along cost savings by buying in bulk while never sacrificing quality.
  • When do you deliver the supplies to each classroom?
    We work with our school partners in the summer months to assemble supply kits and deliver to classrooms before the first day of school.
  • Can I customize my child's supply kit with preferred colors or brand name items?
    We work with our school partners to make sure we are buying the brands they prefer. Our notebook and folder supplies are usually solid colors and do not have distracting patterns or designs per our teachers / partners requests. If you prefer to purchase a few unique items for your child I'm sure they would appreciate it.
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