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Shopping online and shipping

direct-to-school may cause

unfamiliar levels of happiness.

Back To School In A Snap!



We're parents too. After years of back-to-school supplies shopping we figured it was time to improve the process. 


Our mission and business model are simple:


Our mission is to make back-to-school supplies shopping easy for parents so more kids start school with the recommended supplies.  This helps schools, teachers, parents and kids! 


Our business model is to sell complete supply kits online and deliver them to your child's classroom. 


Snapback supply kits include the same supplies from your school's Recommended Supply List.  All is accomplished for about the same price as you doing it yourself. 



As you will see under our websites Shop tab, each school and grade have different supply requirements, which is why they have different supply kits.  Did I mention we deliver them to your child's classroom? 

Yes I did. 

Right now is the perfect time to stay safe, shop online and get back to your summer.   

If your school collects DONATIONS for additional supplies such as T-shirts, local field trips, weekly readers, Science and Social Studies projects and other essential items throughout the year, make sure to book your donation online with us as well.  Donations will be delivered to your child's teacher.


We appreciate your business and any referrals you send to our website.  Help us help the teachers.  They deserve it!  

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